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how much will it cost to build my site?

Our clients are pleasantly surprised at the level of service they receive for the work we do and we hope you will be too. The cost of your site will be entirely dependent on your requirements. As such we price our jobs individually, according to your needs and requests. However we have put together a general cost structure that will help you to determine a 'ballpark' figure for your site which can be viewed here.  


We offer a NO FEE, NO OBLIGATION INITIAL CONSULTATION as our starting point. All you need to do is get in touch and take us through what you are looking for. We will then be able to put together a detailed proposal outlining the potential costs involved. 

how long will it take to build my site?

The time taken to build your site will of course be dependent on the scale of your requirements as well as how long it may take you to gather images, copy and any other content you wish to be included on your site. However, once you give us a proposed launch date and made sure that all content is made available to us within our required timescales we plan our work accordingly to ensure we deliver your project on time. Should you require something quickly we will endeavour to fit your project into our current workflow. There will be an additional charge for 'rush' projects.

what is included in the price?

The following IS included in the price we quote for your site build:


  • Development of the site structure

  • Up to x2 meetings at a location within a 20 mile radius of our studio at which we discuss progress, updates and amendments to your project and anything else that affects the build. We can also work with you remotely if necessary, via Zoom chats and telephone. 

  • Basic tuition which will show you how to add images and text to your site

  • Domain name registration (we do the admin by registering your name for you but you pay for the service separately as it needs to be in your name if you want to maintain ownership of it)

  • Linking your domain name to your new website

  • Basic Analytics

  • Simple SEO

what is not included in the price?

The following is NOT included in the price we quote for your site build:

  • Domain Name Purchase

  • Site Hosting

  • Email/ email packages

  • Tuition that has not been specified

  • Copy Writing unless otherwise agreed

  • Brand Consultation unless otherwise agreed

  • SEO over and above the general level we perform

  • Analytics over and above those provided by Google

  • Travel over and above what has been agreed

  • Telephone calls

  • Site maintenance 

  • Social Media Management unless otherwise agreed

what's the process?


Contact us to set up a NO FEE, NO OBLIGATION INITIAL CONSULTATION. This can be done over the phone or face-to-face. If you don't already have a brief we can send you a worksheet prior to this detailing the various aspects of a website build which will help you to identify and focus on the things you would like/need your site to contain. Effectively this is helping you to write a brief for us and crystallise your requirements.


We discuss your brief in depth and should you decide that we are the right designers for you we will go ahead and compile a proposal outlining what we have discussed and formulate a quote based on the work required. We will send this out to you for your approval. 



Once you have agreed to the proposal we ask for a % deposit of the overall cost. Once paid we then go ahead and build the first phase of your site as per the brief and to any timescales you have indicated.


Once this phase is complete we organise a meeting with you where we are able to look at the site and talk it through, page by page, element by element. Detailed notes are taken by us regarding any amendments, alterations and additions you decide upon.


We make any necessary changes. At this stage the build should be over half way and nearing completion. We will then organise another meeting to finalise the site and again make any necessary changes.


Once the site is complete and signed off by you we then attach your domain name and launch the site.


After monitoring your site to ensure it is running properly we will then turn over the ownership to you and if required keep ourselves as editors (this is recommended) so should you need us to update the site for you at any time we can do so. 

do you offer any additional services?

We are happy to undertake COPY WRITING and can advise on BRANDING. Please contact us to discuss your requirements  

can I manage my site myself?

Yes, absolutely! Whilst we are more than happy to undertake the management of your site we firmly believe that as the owner you should have the flexibility to undertake the most rudimentary functions should you wish to. This will save you both time and money and allows you to keep your business costs down and your website up-to-date.

can you teach me how to manage my site?

Yes. We will show you the basics of site maintenance. However, should you wish to learn the more technical aspects of maintaining your site we also offer tutorials for a small fee that covers this. It's up to you. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

can you manage my site for me and how much will it cost?

Yes, we are happy to do this for you. Not everyone has the time or inclination to manage their own website and hiring in the skills that you don't have so that you can concentrate on what you're good at is a frequently mentioned business maxim. Charges will depend on how much work you need done but we offer one-off hourly packages at £35 per hour. Should the maintenance work require more than an hour please contact us for our monthly packages.

can you help me set up my domain name?


can you help me set up an email address with my domain name in it?


If I already have an existing domain name and email address can you connect them to my new site?


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